Serving Sweet Success Through Chocolate and Community: The Story of Kron Chocolatier 

Continuing an Old Town’s Tradition

Nestled within the heart of Great Neck, a treasure trove of delectable confections has been bringing joy to locals for generations. Originating as part of a franchise in the mid-1980s that eventually dissolved, this cherished establishment found its way into the capable hands of a tenacious woman, Marnie Ives. Since then, Kron Chocolatier has stood as a steadfast cornerstone in the community, embodying a unique blend of tradition and innovation.

Marnie’s Journey of Ownership and Passion

Marnie’s journey to becoming the owner of Kron Chocolatier was a tale of passion and perseverance. Despite having a masters in business and work experience in pharmaceuticals, Marnie had dreams that aligned more with sugar and flour than corporate confinement. A graduate of culinary school, Marnie’s early career as a pastry chef in New York City marked the beginning of her love affair with crafting delectable treats. Eager to balance this passion for baking with a desire to stay close to home in Great Neck, she embarked on a new chapter by joining Kron Chocolatier in the early 1990s. A few years later, Marnie and her sister took the plunge and bought the business––all while discovering she was pregnant that very week!

From Corporate to Culinary: The Sweet Transition

Marnie’s shift from a corporate cubicle to a baking haven was not just a career change; it was a profound transformation. Armed with her culinary education and passion for creation, she breathed new life into the business. Throughout its evolution, Kron Chocolatier has remained steadfast in its focus on gifts and gift baskets––a niche that transcends changing demographics. Anchored in a community of professionals, Marnie found her business sustained by corporate gifting as well. “Certain things never change,” Marnie states, “you still go to someone’s house and bring them a platter of something sweet.”

Embracing Change and Navigating Challenges

Like any enduring enterprise, Kron Chocolatier faced its share of challenges. The pandemic brough unforeseen disruptions, but Marnie and her team adapted with remarkable agility. Kron Chocolatier underwent a shift in its online presence and packaging strategy, offering larger batches of classic treats like chocolate-covered strawberries, oreos, and graham crackers! Despite the complexities of adhering to COVID-19 guidelines, the unwavering support of the community enabled Marnie and her team to meet soaring demand during peak holiday seasons. Following a setback due to an unexpected fire, Kron Chocolatier triumphantly reopened its doors to the public in July 2020. 

Great Neck: The Sweet Spot

The nurturing embrace of the community provided pivotal to Kron Chocolatier’s thriving business. Marnie reflects, “Great Neck has been the key to our success.” In a bustling and supportive community, Kron Chocolatier has thrived as a sanctuary for indulgence. Beyond its local appeal, its location ensures visibility to both residents and commuters. 

Marnie’s community spirit extends beyond patrons to encompass her devoted staff and network of providers. Highlighting the impact of her interaction with vendors, mailmen, exterminators, Marnie views service providers as her extended family. “And my staff? They are close family,” Marnie recalls. “They have witnessed the business through its highs and lows.” 

Handcrafted Excellence: The Heart of Kron Chocolatier

The hallmark of Kron Chocolatier lies in its hands-on approach. Marnie and her team craft an array of mouthwatering delicacies every couple of days. Their unwavering commitment to using fresh, locally sourced ingredients creates an unparalleled experience, setting them apart from mass-produced confections. “Being fresh and local really does make a difference,” Marnie emphasizes.

Future, Flavor, and Family

Gazing into the horizon, Marnie envisions the continuation of her sweet venture. With a secure lease, supportive property owner, and a devoted customer base, the foundation for decades of sweet success is solid. But for Marnie, her business is not only about chocolates; it embodies a spirit of community, shared moments, and heartwarming connections. She confidently asserts, “in 10 years, I see myself right here.” In an ever-evolving world, Kron Chocolatier stands as testament to timeless flavors and ensuring bonds. Throughout its history spanning decades, the essence of this establishment remains constant: a devotion to crafting exceptional treats and fostering an unbreakable connection with the community it serves.