Harmonizing Passion and Community: The Story of Katya’s Dance Studio

Katya Surrence’s Lifelong Love of Dance

From the tender age of 3, Katya Surrence’s heart beat to the rhythm of dance. “All I remember from that age is that I was begging for ballet lessons,” Katya reminisces. Her plea eventually became the foundation of her life’s journey. A performer for over three decades, Katya recognized early on that her true calling lay in both dancing and teaching. At 16, she began the fusion of her two passions, opting for a path of nurturing others through the heart of movement. 

The Birth of a Dream

Katya’s aspiration to open her own dance studio was nurtured by her existing connections within the Great Neck community. Already admired for her teaching, the final push came from a profound loss––the passing of her best friend. Katya recalls, “I remember saying to myself, if I’m going to do something, it’s time to do it.” This catalyst led to the birth of Katya’s Dance Studio a decade ago, with Great Neck as its supportive home.

A Haven of Love and Connection 

Community pulses through Katya’s veins, and her studio only further echoes this sentiment. Katya takes pride in fostering happiness among families seeking to embrace the arts. “I truly love my clientele. Parents are happy that their kids are happy, so the community is really warm and supportive.” The studio’s prime location near the train station adds accessibility, inviting people from all over to partake in the joy of dance. Beyond learning, Katya’s students have performed in street events and nursing homes, bringing delight to various audiences through their graceful dances. 

Resilience Amidst Adversity

While the pandemic cast its shadow on Katya’s Dance Studio, its resilience ultimately shone through. Katya recalls how the initial transition to virtual instruction posed challenges: business was slow and learning was difficult. “It’s really hard to teach dance without physically putting someone’s body where it needs to be.” As the pandemic’s grip loosened in the fall of 2022, the studio witnessed a heartening return to in-person lessons with a community that is now more willing to explore and embrace dance. 

What Makes Katya’s Studio Unique? Katya!

Katya’s Dance Studio is not just about instruction; it is a haven that embodies inclusivity, passion, and community spirit. Katya’s teaching style centers on working within each dancer’s body framework. “I have had many injuries,” Katya notes, “so, I always prioritize my student’s health and make sure they do not damage their body.” She emphasizes proper technique, while ensuring the joy of movement remains at the core. Instead of competitions, Katya emphasizes community service to her students to spread her love of connection through dance. 

Katya is determined to make dancing accessible to everyone of all skill levels. “I particularly like teaching kids that struggle with dancing because it’s more of a challenge. Anyone could make a dancer out of someone perfect.” Moreover, she aspires to maintain affordable prices for her lessons. “I am always willing to work with people if someone loses their job. Ballet should be accessible to everyone, regardless of financial means.”

Beyond the allure of her studio, it is Katya’s infectious enthusiasm that draws students of all ages. Her students resonate with her dedication and spirit, making the studio more than a place to learn dance; it’s a tapestry of shared experiences and growth. After all, when asked about what makes her studio unique, Katya chuckled and replied, “Me!”

Dancing into Tomorrow 

While Katya acknowledges that the future is unpredictable, her commitment to dance education remains steadfast. As Katya nurtures the joy of movement in all age groups, her dance studio is a symbol of the transformational potential of passion, community, and the rhythmic thread of dance that weaves us all together.