Empowering Community Through Entrepreneurship: The Story of Buzz Copies

Meet Tushar Vaidya, the Owner of Buzz Copies

Tushar Vaidya’s journey from a world of retail in Bombay to the realm of entrepreneurship in New York has been nothing short of transformative. Moving to the United States in 1989, Tushar chose to settle in Little Neck, where he decided to pursue his passion of opening his own store. His decision to establish a printing store in Great Neck was a strategic move, leveraging existing connections and a community known for its support. Since its opening in April 2012, Buzz Copies has become a testament to the power of dedication and exceptional customer service, thriving across three locations: Great Neck, Lynbrook, and Ozone Park. 

The Pillars of Buzz Copies: Resilience, Passion, and Community

Tushar attributes much of Buzz Copies’ success to the unwavering support of the Great Neck community. As the pandemic caused a temporary slowdown, Tushar astutely adapted to changing needs. Remote workers, seeking office supplies and prints, turned to Buzz Copies for their needs, revitalizing the business during challenging times. The pandemic tested the business, but Tushar’s unyielding spirit prevailed, resulting in a stronger, more resilient enterprise. Through it all, the community’s backing remained steadfast, leading Tushar to affirm, “Pandemic or not, the community has always been there for me.” Tushar remembers how local schools and the Great Neck Plaza Business Improvement District frequently utilized his services for big events. “Great Neck,” he smiles, “is a town where members love to support local businesses.”

Prints, Copies, and … Lotto Machines?

Buzz Copies is an embodiment of versatility. Tushar’s establishment offers an array of services that transcend traditional boundaries. From printing and copying to mailboxes, key making, office supplies, and even a lotto machine, Buzz Copies has carved a niche that continually surprises patrons. Tushar laughs, “ [customers] always get surprised that we do this, that, and so much more.” Buzz Copies also provides the convenience of sending money and items abroad, catering to the evolving needs of its community. If needed, Tushar is also happy to do delivery services during the holidays. 

A Vision Beyond Transactions

Tushar Vaidya’s evolution to a community-focused enterprise encapsulates the synergy between business and society. His unwavering commitment, combined with the steadfast support of Great Neck’s community, has not only ensured Buzz Copies’ survival, but also fueled its thriving existence. Looking forward, Tushar feels confident about the stability of the shipping and logistics industry and envisions a continuous journey. 

Recognizing his role in the community, Tushar remarks “I’ve become an asset to the community, allowing them to communicate and work efficiently.” His story resonates as a testament to the fact that local businesses are more than just transactions; they are cornerstones of the community.