Men’s Fashion: 2011 Summer Style Tips
Keepin’ it Cool and Comfortable

Fashion changes almost as often as some men change their bed sheets – at least once every six months. We can’t help you with your laundry, but we do have some tips for you if you’re among the sartorially challenged. We’ve checked out the hottest trends in men’s fashion for summer 2011 so you can look like a man of the year, even if you wouldn’t know a Hermes from a Hilfiger.

One great head-to-toe look for this summer is to go monochromatic. Mixing neutral shades – and paring down accessories – is a trend that’s flattering on men of all ages, as is the classic all-white look. Soft, washed-out colors are big this summer too; blue, green, red, orange … if it looks like it’s been hanging on a clothesline behind an old barn for 30 years, it’s “in.”

Bright hues also have a prominent place this season; exotic bold flower patterns, paisleys, oversized checks and stripes are appearing on casual button-downs and T’s. Show them off by pairing them with neutral pants or shorts and you’ll be sure to catch some approving glances.

Speaking of shorts: For a style that goes just about anywhere, choose a medium-length pair (sticking with those neutral shades) and dress them up with a button-down collared shirt. High-grade cotton and linen are among the trendy fabrics this summer, and they’ll make you feel as cool as you look. What to wear on your feet? Loafers and deck shoes give this style a finished, classy look.

For cool evenings, grab a windbreaker or lightweight mesh jacket. These are showing up everywhere, and like most of this summer’s fashions, their easygoing, easy-wearing appeal will suit your style, whether you’re a recent college grad or a grandpa.


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