Women’s Fall 2013 Fashion

If there’s one word that summarizes the Fall 2013 runway report, it’s coats. Whether peppy pastels, or baggy boyfriend-style, designers had no trouble sending models down the runway in bundles (literally) of chic new outerwear. But even amidst the coat craze, trends like leather and cozy sweaters remained relevant, while simple patterns knocked previously popular prints out of the spotlight.

Forget your preconceived ideas of dark, simple outerwear to brave the cold. This season, baby blues, blush pinks, light purples and more pastels are not just for the warm weather. Whether keeping with the pastel trend or staying true to a more comfortable grey, outerwear this season is big and baggy. Single or double-breasted, these jackets certainly borrow the menswear look. Jackets were abundantly boxy and untailored, although some given shape with a cinched waste.

Continuing to steal from our male counterpart’s style, fabrics this season took a simpler route. Your bold, eye-catching prints from last fall are taking a back seat to more classic ones, like plaid, pinstripe, camo, or an always-stylish leopard. Houndstooth this season was the frontrunner, fresh and prominently featured. The standout color of choice for this season was a rich, emerald green.


Leather continues its long running streak, staying in style for the upcoming seasons. While summer leather appeared in dresses, shorts and skirts, this fall leather pants and leggings are big. This trend might sound bold, but pairing it with a chunky sweater creates an everyday look on par with your favorite pair of jeans.

Also notable on the runways this season was fur. Designers went for daring statement pieces that showed fur for the season was either go big or go home. Oversize print sweatshirts made an appearance as well, showing that the comfortable staple item can too be stylish. Some great, wearable trends featured on the runway were a continuation of the peplum trend, winter white, knit beanies, and over the knee boots.

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Men’s Spring 2013 Fashion

Men should be prepared to balance out the navy, browns, and whites of this spring with bold brights and fresh styles.  While the more daring looks of the runway may seem intimidating, the basic trends can easily be integrated into every man’s closet.

No longer simply for a nautical feel or for the Fourth of July, along with the women’s fashion trend this season, stripes will also be more prevalent for men.  Bold patterns make an appearance as well for the spring.

The blazers and shorts look was popular, adding some flair and sophistication to a casual look.  Bright colors were an important trend for this season, featuring dusk blue, poppy red, lemon zest, and nectarine as some of the biggest hits.  Whether expressed boldly through larger garments or simply added through the splash of an accessory, don’t miss out on these fresh new colors.

Tom Ford has replaced the classic black suit or tux with navy, continuing to provide a classic look with a bit of a new edge.  Different shades of browns are prominent this season, helpful to soothe out the bright colors of the season.  And of course, white continues to be a crisp and classic favorite.


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Women’s Spring 2013 Fashion

A delightful blend of bold new trends mixed with classic favorites hit the runway for Spring 2013.  Graphic stripes, fresh leathers, tailored suits, and high contrasts are just a few of the main trends you’ll be seeing in the coming months.

Designers have indeed proven that opposites attract through their frequent use of distinct blacks and whites.  After seasons of popular brights and embellishments, this trend of simple colors is both striking and exciting.  Contrasting not only the colors, but often the materials as well, brings a fresh twist to the classic style.

Whether collaged with other fabrics or standing strong on its own, leather held a prominent role on the runways for this spring season.  Shown in skirts, dresses, jackets, pants, and tops, leather was able to mold to many forms, expressing its wearability for the upcoming season.  Keeping this look simple by limiting it to one piece per outfit, with limited accessories and makeup, allows this trend to leap off the runways into everyday life.

Prominently featured in Marc Jacobs’ pieces among many other designers, eye-catching stripes are making a statement this spring.  These big, bold, yet simple stripes were sometimes contrasted with graphic polka dots to create a cool blended look.  Mix and match your stripes or pair with simple jeans for a less daring approach.  Investing in these pieces is an added bonus since stripes are always in style.

The woman’s version of a suit was also prominent in spring lines, made more feminine with a tailored look.  Jackets were shown buttoned with nothing underneath expressing daring necklines, paired with bra tops, or shorts to show off some leg and add some excitement to a typically professional look.

A trend exhibited throughout spring 2013 fashion is a sexy, yet tasteful approach to boudoir style.  A veiled method to style shows transparent, lightweight fabrics such as sheers and lace.  Crop tops and bra tops continue to make an appearance, standing on their own or hidden underneath these revealing fabrics.  Bared midriffs, cutouts, and slits also enhance this trendy look.


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Men’s Fall 2012/Winter 2013 Fashion

Gone are neutral, conservative, limited color designs.  The trend for men this fall and into winter 2013 is for stylish patterns, fitted suits, wide cut lapels, and color.  Plus hats.  Lots and lots of hats.

It’s time to be playful with your clothing.  Mix patterns, such as a tweed sport coat or jacket with a plaid or stripped shirt.  And don’t forget a scarf in a bold, striking color.  As for those shirts, you’ll be seeing bold stripped colors, plenty of plaids and even checkerboard.  And keeping with the fun look of fall 2012/winter 2013, you’ll be seeing men wearing ties with all these shirts….counter balancing patterns or, for those of you a bit less adventurous, solids but with bold, contrasting color.

Pants will remain similar to recent years, with the flat front still in vogue. However, pleated trousers are making a strong comeback.  And staying with the fall/winter trend, color will be the norm even with your pants.  As for jeans, the look is either fitted or baggy.

Sport coats remain a staple of a man’s clothing ensemble.  And while the traditional navy blazer never gets old, colors, tweeds, and patterns will be seen to a greater degree than ever before.

Hats of all designs and sizes will be seen adorning men’s tops this fall and winter. Think 40’s and 50’s and you get the idea for your topper.



No matter what your style taste, go color this fall and winter.
If mixing plaids and stripes is a bit too far out there for you, then simply use color to update your look.  Color is definitely what the trend is for this fall and winter.  Wear bold color shirts, sweaters, scarfs,  Even a fun winter coat or jacket can be in color.  Hot colors for men this fall and winter 2013 include dark teals, dark burgundy, bamboo golds, burnt sienna, raspberry wine, bright red, orange and all different shades of blue.

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Women’s Fall 2012/Winter 2013 Fashion

Bold colors plus white, military, leather, leisure suits and oriental are all the rage this fall and for winter 2013.

PrintsPrints are everywhere, especially with leisure suits, which are making a big splash this fall and winter.  From Prada to Stella McCartney, the trend is to use bold, bright, eye-catching colors.  While accompanying single-color pieces will keep the look balanced, this fall and winter is also about fun, so try contrasting patterns with your prints.

Military and oriental fashion looks will be wardrobe staples for the style-conscious woman this fall and winter.  While the luxurious fabrics and bold colors of oriental fashion might seem in stark contrast and a contradiction to the more regimented, mono-color look of military fashion, the two are primary design trends for this fall and winter.

Leather will again be a big part of the fall and winter season.  However, this time around leather is getting color, with a focus on leather coats and skirts.

With all fashion this fall and winter, oversize will play a larger role than ever before.  While form-fitting remains a constant, oversize coats, trousers, sweaters and extra wide jackets are all part of designer fall/winter collections.

Colors to look for this fall and winter include purples, red-wine, emerald and teal greens, bold oranges, and fuschia.

Winter white –
hot for fall 2012/winter 2013

Winter white has always been a part of the fashion mix. This fall and winter, it will be a major part of the wardrobe selection.  From fabric and leather coats to pants, skirts and sweaters, winter white is all the rage. But be playful and offset your winter whites with bold colors in scarfs, shoes/boots and hats.

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Men’s 2012 Spring/Summer Fashion

Trending this spring and summer will be “slick urban clothing” items such as thin, dark blue leather jackets and gray suits. You’ll also be seeing cut-off and brightly colored board shorts, and fedoras. While dark jeans will remain a staple of the well-dressed man’s wardrobe, they will be of the skinny type, outfitted with complementary 50′s era trim polos, earth-toned tanks and light jackets. Designer warning – avoid mixing similar dark colors like dark brown with navy or black, and definitely get rid of the bulky items.

To be seen in the hottest locales this spring and summer will also be bright colored flannel tops, high-folded pants and no-lace tennis shoes in neons and other bright colors.

Accessories will see culture-influenced items, such as Guatemalan and Navajo-patterned belts. Neckties will become more elaborate, bowties will rise in popularity, and men’s jewelry will continue to increase in sales.

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Women’s 2012 Spring/Summer Fashion

The little white dress, lace, tuxedo jackets, sportswear and floral prints are just a few of the most popular trends for Spring and Summer 2012.

Purists will also know that spring/summer 2012 is offering up white as the new black. Usually a major no, white has come in interesting guises for the new season. Along with white, the trendiest colors for spring and summer include tangerine, green, lemon, red, pastel light blue and black and white paired together.

Even though white may prove a difficult trend to pull off, sport this season’s pastels with bravado, and opt for white pieces with an offhand air about them. Mix texture and layering; opt for a sculptural jacket with interesting lapel detail or, a perforated shift dress for girlish charm with a twist.

Multicultural looks inspired by Spain, Haiti, India, and Africa are making statements for this spring and summer lines. Patterns that are big hits include flowers, tropical, leaves, birds, animal and photo prints.

Sportswear, including anoraks, track pants, motorcycle jackets and mesh cover-ups are the big winners in the spring/summer lines of the major fashion houses. Other popular apparel trends to look for are pleats, a variety of skirt lengths and pant widths, long evening dresses with sweaters or jackets, feathers, and ocean themes.

When it comes to accessories, trends for spring and summer include wedge shoes, handbags that match outfits, pearls and vintage-style earrings.

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Men’s Fall/Winter Fashion: Updated Basics

Men’s suits don’t change dramatically from season to season, but those with a careful eye for style will notice subtle differences. This fall and winter, classic, masculine, slim-cut suits that broaden the shoulders and trim the waist are what to look for. It’s all about showing off what you’ve got (or minimizing what you might have a little too much of). Single-breasted jackets dominate this season, though you won’t be outdated if double-breasted is your game. For those who want to step a little closer to the edge, consider a jacket with external pockets (gotta love those zippers!). These aren’t going to show up in every board room, but they’re definitely out there turning heads.

For pants, the key phrase is “loosely tailored.” A loose, easy fit is the aim – but don’t skip the tailored aspect either. Trousers should have plenty of room around the thighs and crotch. In fact, if you get only one thing right this season, get this: crotch-hugging pants are dreadfully out of fashion, and for good reason. (If you need to have this explained, perhaps you should keep wearing them; honestly, it won’t matter anyway.) Seriously, though, the fit of your pants is probably the single most important aspect of your wardrobe decisions this fall; don’t say we didn’t warn you. 

One final note about pants: pleated styles are in again, with pleats going either forward or backward (toward the center of the trousers or toward pockets). We like these, because they’re flattering on almost all shapes and sizes.

In casual and outerwear, we’re seeing two distinct styles this season: seamless and dropped shoulders. These aren’t the baggy streetwear look of previous years (thankfully), but again, are tailored and well-fitted.  In case you’re unfamiliar with the terms, seamless shoulders have no stitch line between the shoulder and the arm. Dropped shoulders (also called “deep” shoulders) have the stitch line off of the shoulder. Although this style gives a coat or jacket the appearance of being oversized, it’s important that it be fitted properly to achieve the right look.

Of course we haven’t covered all the trends, but we’ve armed you with the most important distinctions of this year’s fall/winter season. And since men’s clothing doesn’t change very quickly (like most of the people who wear it?), you’ll be able to hang on to any new pieces you purchase for at least a couple of years.

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Women’s Fall/Winter Fashion: Feminine and Forceful

This fall and winter opens up the best of both worlds in women’s styles; the essence is soft, yet strong. Bell bottoms, flares and wide-leg pants are making a huge comeback this season (but don’t worry – skinny jeans haven’t left us yet; they’ve just got some company in the closet with these wardrobe-extending options). Hem flares are hot, and so are trousers with wide legs that ride straight to the hip. Pair these with a slim top, and finish the look with vintage or classic accessories. 

The tuxedo is showing up again, too – but this iteration defines the 21st-century female. Tailored, high-waisted – and featuring those great wide legs – the fall 2011 tux you’ll be seeing on women is elegant. Collars are wide and peaked (no puffy shoulders, please!), and jackets reveal soft silk or sheer blouses. With all of these wider-leg pants, heels are a must.

vneckSkirts and dresses continue the spring emphasis on long, swishy looks, but you’ll see them in richer colors now. Runways paired sheer, flowing skirts with heavier fabrics above the waist. Soft pleats are another great look this season. And for special occasions, dresses and tops with deep V-neck cuts are a la mode.

In outerwear, we’ll be seeing lots of fur — real and faux. Despite the controversial issues, animal fur is indeed turning up in designer showrooms; but those whose ethics dictate otherwise will be glad to know that the ersatz version is getting equal billing. Full length coats, jackets, collars and sleeves – all are sporting the warm, rich look of fur. Styles lean toward the classic, but don’t be surprised if you spot a few dyed in brilliant colors.

“Heavy metal” takes on new meaning this fall and winter with jewelry that makes a solid statement. Metal chokers and cuff bracelets, the latest inspiration in accessories, are clean and simple, often inspired by ancient art or armor. Choose a stand-out piece or two to wear with some of this fall’s grand and graceful clothing styles and you’re sure to be noted as a stylista.

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Women’s Summer Fashion Trends 2011:
Classy Comebacks With a Distinctly Fresh Appeal

Long skirts and dresses, wide-leg pants and halter necks all showed up on the runways previewing the summer 2011 season – but don’t get the idea that they’re the Nick at Night version of women’s fashion. The hottest designers have taken what we’ve always loved about these classics and turned them into a perfectly-ready-for-primetime lineup.

If one word were to define this season’s style, it would have to be “graceful.” Just-below-the-knee and ankle-length skirts and dresses have an air of sophistication. For longer hems, slits and sheer fabrics dominate; shorter lengths are soft and swingy.

Trousers with a high waist and flared legs have never really been “out” – but now they’re showing up everywhere. Flattering on almost every body type, these pants create a long, leggy look – and this season’s favorites flow with elegance, even in the more casual (and sometimes funky) variations.

And what about those halters? They’re most often seen on the bodices of sultry gowns – whether dressy or cool casual – and they’re the epitome of today’s femininity. Revealing lots of shoulder, these tops announce the presence of a woman who embraces her softness and her strength with equal confidence.

Two other trends give long-overdue recognition to the woman who values both her prettiness and her power: the “I-look-this-good-even-when-I-first-wake-up” pajama style, and the futuristic military look that says,“I-can-be-sweet-but-don’t-mess-with-me.” These fun fashions let us dress according to our moods (and keep ‘em guessing!)

Featured colors this season include the neutral range (creams, khakis, whites, tans) and two big standouts: orange (any shade) and chartreuse. Mix and match them with your favorite picks of the season and you’re sure to make a statement wherever you go.

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