Men’s Fall/Winter Fashion: Updated Basics

Men’s suits don’t change dramatically from season to season, but those with a careful eye for style will notice subtle differences. This fall and winter, classic, masculine, slim-cut suits that broaden the shoulders and trim the waist are what to look for. It’s all about showing off what you’ve got (or minimizing what you might have a little too much of). Single-breasted jackets dominate this season, though you won’t be outdated if double-breasted is your game. For those who want to step a little closer to the edge, consider a jacket with external pockets (gotta love those zippers!). These aren’t going to show up in every board room, but they’re definitely out there turning heads.

For pants, the key phrase is “loosely tailored.” A loose, easy fit is the aim – but don’t skip the tailored aspect either. Trousers should have plenty of room around the thighs and crotch. In fact, if you get only one thing right this season, get this: crotch-hugging pants are dreadfully out of fashion, and for good reason. (If you need to have this explained, perhaps you should keep wearing them; honestly, it won’t matter anyway.) Seriously, though, the fit of your pants is probably the single most important aspect of your wardrobe decisions this fall; don’t say we didn’t warn you. 

One final note about pants: pleated styles are in again, with pleats going either forward or backward (toward the center of the trousers or toward pockets). We like these, because they’re flattering on almost all shapes and sizes.

In casual and outerwear, we’re seeing two distinct styles this season: seamless and dropped shoulders. These aren’t the baggy streetwear look of previous years (thankfully), but again, are tailored and well-fitted.  In case you’re unfamiliar with the terms, seamless shoulders have no stitch line between the shoulder and the arm. Dropped shoulders (also called “deep” shoulders) have the stitch line off of the shoulder. Although this style gives a coat or jacket the appearance of being oversized, it’s important that it be fitted properly to achieve the right look.

Of course we haven’t covered all the trends, but we’ve armed you with the most important distinctions of this year’s fall/winter season. And since men’s clothing doesn’t change very quickly (like most of the people who wear it?), you’ll be able to hang on to any new pieces you purchase for at least a couple of years.

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