Men’s Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion

The men’s Spring 2015 fashion shows are vital to helping update any outfits collecting dust in the back of your closet. A lot of men’s fashion also closely mirrors its female counterparts, showing how important the basics really are for confident dressing of any gender.

The Bermuda short is popular for both men and women this summer, offering a looser, more stylish take on the plain old short. Pastel pairs, like the ones at Bottega Veneta, were slightly preppy, yet also looked effortless and cool.

Black suits can be pretty tough to wear in the summer heat, so khaki offers a nice, but still professional alternative. Easily dressed down with a tee and sneakers or up with nice shoes and a tie, a good quality khaki suit can carry you from work to play. Also in the khaki color family is caramel, which is big for spring and summer, especially in the leather accessories department.

For more casual everyday attire, athlete-inspired clothing is a must. Sneakers, mesh, baseball shirts, and even backwards hats brought sports to the runway. Flight jackets, however, are this season’s update on the baseball jacket. These military style bombers look best fitted, not loose.

Another trend cropping up this spring and summer is the cotton tie. Comfortable and slightly more relaxed than your average tie, the light texture is also perfect for warmer weather.

Lastly, jeans remain a staple in every man’s wardrobe, but this season encourages mixing more than one denim piece together. Be bold and wear your favorite pair of jeans with a differently washed denim top or jacket.



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