Women’s Fall/Winter Fashion: Feminine and Forceful

This fall and winter opens up the best of both worlds in women’s styles; the essence is soft, yet strong. Bell bottoms, flares and wide-leg pants are making a huge comeback this season (but don’t worry – skinny jeans haven’t left us yet; they’ve just got some company in the closet with these wardrobe-extending options). Hem flares are hot, and so are trousers with wide legs that ride straight to the hip. Pair these with a slim top, and finish the look with vintage or classic accessories. 

The tuxedo is showing up again, too – but this iteration defines the 21st-century female. Tailored, high-waisted – and featuring those great wide legs – the fall 2011 tux you’ll be seeing on women is elegant. Collars are wide and peaked (no puffy shoulders, please!), and jackets reveal soft silk or sheer blouses. With all of these wider-leg pants, heels are a must.

vneckSkirts and dresses continue the spring emphasis on long, swishy looks, but you’ll see them in richer colors now. Runways paired sheer, flowing skirts with heavier fabrics above the waist. Soft pleats are another great look this season. And for special occasions, dresses and tops with deep V-neck cuts are a la mode.

In outerwear, we’ll be seeing lots of fur — real and faux. Despite the controversial issues, animal fur is indeed turning up in designer showrooms; but those whose ethics dictate otherwise will be glad to know that the ersatz version is getting equal billing. Full length coats, jackets, collars and sleeves – all are sporting the warm, rich look of fur. Styles lean toward the classic, but don’t be surprised if you spot a few dyed in brilliant colors.

“Heavy metal” takes on new meaning this fall and winter with jewelry that makes a solid statement. Metal chokers and cuff bracelets, the latest inspiration in accessories, are clean and simple, often inspired by ancient art or armor. Choose a stand-out piece or two to wear with some of this fall’s grand and graceful clothing styles and you’re sure to be noted as a stylista.

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