Women’s Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion

It’s easy to get excited for spring after a long, cold winter, and after a sufficient number of snowstorms, this season is no exception. It’s finally time to pack up those cashmere sweaters, tall boots, and heavy parkas and start shopping.

Among the fashion shows for spring/summer 2014, some staples remained the same while some new trends took the stage. Floral stays a forever-classic pattern for spring. Skirts, dresses, tops, you name it and floral is all over it. Another trend that doesn’t seem to be fading away just yet is the ever-popular crop top. Better tan and tone your midriff in preparation for this revealing look.

A newer item that many designers featured was a baggy, loose leg pair of pants. While skinny jeans have been a perennial favorite, don’t be afraid to embrace the effortlessly chic and airy vibe that these pants offer. Not sure how to rock them? White was a color often shown for this look, so amp up your typical white pant outfit with a pair of these instead.

Another exciting style for spring and summer is an increase in embellished and bejeweled pieces. Often shown on tops or dresses, these beaded jewels add a lot of pop to a regularly mundane item of clothing. Whether a small accent around the neckline, or a pattern covering the whole look, don’t be afraid of some sparkle on your clothing for spring and summer.

These trends are only a few of the notable styles to keep an eye out for in the upcoming months. Some other favorites included loose, nineties inspired slip dresses, full, tea-length skirts, and sheer fabrics. Colorful biker jackets are another cool staple to add to your closet. Forget the tough black, and pick up a pretty blue or pink instead.




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