Men’s Winter 2013-14 Fashion

While fall may not have offered the ideal opportunity to don the turtleneck trend, winter’s cold temperatures will be begging you to try it out.  This style is both warm and current whether paired on the weekends with a pair of jeans or underneath your suit to replace that same old boring button down shirt.

This season had an overwhelming presence of reds and blues.  Rich, deep wine-colored reds are being used for many looks, either shining solo or coupled with the popular lighter blue of the season.  Together or apart, these colors are a must.

The baseball jacket for winter is a favorite new look.  There’s no right or wrong mix of colors and fabrics, allowing a wide variety of the jackets to fit into the trend.  The shape is flattering and fresh, easily thrown over any outfit for an instantly chic look.

If you prefer a more traditional style, leather jackets frequented the runways as well.  Whether a classic black or brown, or a bolder colored piece, leather continues to be hot for winter and a jacket provides an easy route to show off this dominant trend.

Big checks and plaid fabrics are standouts of the pattern craze, but animal prints also frequented the runways.  Play this up big if you’re looking for a truly wild new venture or splash it in your wardrobe through a simple accessory.

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