Women’s Winter 2013-14 Fashion

December is officially upon us and with its arrival comes winter fashion in full force.  It’s time to bring out your heaviest coats and coziest chunky sweaters, and don’t be scared to finally try out those seasonal trends that you’ve been eyeing all fall.

A very popular print for this winter is tartan, or in more descriptive terms, a chic plaid with varying horizontal and vertical stripes overlapping.  The fabric frequented runways in jackets, tops, dresses and more, showing a big presence that strayed much further from the typical schoolgirl skirt that one might imagine.  This trend closely ties in with the punk style that remains popular for winter.  Matching tartan with leather or even some bold studs will certainly bring out your inner punk.

Skirts this season take a turn from the previously popular micro-mini.  Try out a more classic, mid-length suit style skirt, which can easily be worn in a professional setting or dressed up for a night out.  If that’s not your style, flirty flare skirts are also in this season, great to be paired with tights and a cute sweater for an every day look.  Pastels continue to be a key trend for the fall and winter season, with pink taking center stage.  Whether a pale delicate pink, or a more vibrant berry, pink has shown that this color will not be waiting until spring to make its debut.

Collars are also a stand out this season.  Valentino sent elaborate white collars down the runway, paired with simple black dresses that gave an almost Wednesday Addams feel.  Try pairing a classic white button down underneath your favorite black sweater or dress for a cute imitation of this cool look.

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