Men’s Fall 2013 Fashion

For menswear, fall marks the inevitable transition from casual, airy outfits to warmer and darker, more luxurious suits. But with these classics, expect to wear some slightly more daring trends such as exciting plaids and pajama-esque jackets.

This season, bigger and bolder plaids replaced more quiet and subdued styles. Whether a simple checker style or a more intricate plaid pattern, squares this season are larger than usual. Be sure to match these styles with a simple shirt and tie, especially if you are wearing a full suit of it.

Another intriguing style to hit the runways this season were suits with a pajama influence. These patterns were silky and daring, whether floral or paisley, and infused with colors. If you are brave enough to try this fresh, cool trend, be sure to balance it out with simple blacks and whites.

Turtlenecks make a comeback this season, whether as a chunky knit or a more fitted style. Layering a simpler turtleneck with a suit is certainly a way to switch up your wardrobe. Leather as well continues to stand strong, whether in the form of a chic motorcycle jacket, or a newly popular baseball style jacket.

In color this fall, blues and reds were notable favorites. Deep, dark reds were prominently featured throughout runways.  Designers bared the cranberry color in head to toe, or as just an accent; whichever you choose, try to incorporate this dark red into your wardrobe this fall.  If you find yourself missing some brighter, lighter colors, try baby blue for fall.  A range of lighter blues was used throughout, showing that navy isn’t the only option for the cold weather.

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