Women’s Summer Fashion Trends 2011:
Classy Comebacks With a Distinctly Fresh Appeal

Long skirts and dresses, wide-leg pants and halter necks all showed up on the runways previewing the summer 2011 season – but don’t get the idea that they’re the Nick at Night version of women’s fashion. The hottest designers have taken what we’ve always loved about these classics and turned them into a perfectly-ready-for-primetime lineup.

If one word were to define this season’s style, it would have to be “graceful.” Just-below-the-knee and ankle-length skirts and dresses have an air of sophistication. For longer hems, slits and sheer fabrics dominate; shorter lengths are soft and swingy.

Trousers with a high waist and flared legs have never really been “out” – but now they’re showing up everywhere. Flattering on almost every body type, these pants create a long, leggy look – and this season’s favorites flow with elegance, even in the more casual (and sometimes funky) variations.

And what about those halters? They’re most often seen on the bodices of sultry gowns – whether dressy or cool casual – and they’re the epitome of today’s femininity. Revealing lots of shoulder, these tops announce the presence of a woman who embraces her softness and her strength with equal confidence.

Two other trends give long-overdue recognition to the woman who values both her prettiness and her power: the “I-look-this-good-even-when-I-first-wake-up” pajama style, and the futuristic military look that says,“I-can-be-sweet-but-don’t-mess-with-me.” These fun fashions let us dress according to our moods (and keep ‘em guessing!)

Featured colors this season include the neutral range (creams, khakis, whites, tans) and two big standouts: orange (any shade) and chartreuse. Mix and match them with your favorite picks of the season and you’re sure to make a statement wherever you go.

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